When it comes to beautiful skin,

it’s important to understand one of the biggest factors that can influence your complexion—aging. Both chronological and lifestyle aging play a role in the way your skin looks and feels every day. Chronological aging simply refers to the natural aging process—your internal biological clock. Lifestyle aging encompasses environmental factors that can cause your skin to show premature signs of getting older.

Using advanced science and carefully formulated products,

USANA Celavive® is designed to support the natural communication with your skin cells to help support both types of aging—delivering personalized beauty support and radiant, younger-looking skin.  

Advanced Skincare
-Just for You

Every person has unique skincare needs,

so make the most of your Celavive products by choosing the formulations that are right for you. Celavive offers comprehensive regimens for all skin types, whether you have dry/sensitive skin or combination/oily skin.

While it’s helpful to choose products based on your skin type, you can easily mix and match products so you can perfectly tailor your regimen to your individual concerns and preferences.

No matter which products you choose, Celavive will help noticeably revive dull, tired skin into a beautifully renewed complexion.

Discover your skin's natural ability to fight visible aging.

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